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We are pleased to announce that Vivestar S.A. has been designated by the Unique Taxi Guild of Uruguay (C.P.A.T.U.) to lead the energy transition in mobility as its representatives.

Together with the Guild, we are working hard to contribute to the energy challenges outlined by the country and to advance orderly processes involved in the second stage of Uruguay’s energy transition.
On March 15th, at the Guild’s facilities, the first in-person meeting was held with taxi drivers using electric vehicles, with the presence of President Oscar Dourado and the sociologist from Vivestar’s team, Vanesa Olivero. During the meeting, the concerns of the taxi drivers were identified and the qualitative and quantitative survey, directed by our sociologist, was initiated, which will serve as input for the development of the “Taxi Energy Transition Route”.
We are very excited to work together with C.P.A.T.U. to contribute to Uruguay’s energy sustainability and committed to making the vision of a more sustainable and green future for all a reality. We will keep our community updated on the progress of this initiative and look forward to continuing to work together in the future.